Select the Right Supplier for Utility Poles

Utility poles have to be powerfully strong to withstand years of weather and abuse. They also need to be strong enough to handle impacts from large objects and vehicles. Since they are load bearing poles, balance is also essential for a good design. Pine is the best quality of wood for these poles provided by a utility pole supplier who gets their wood from the most experienced foresters in the business. Sustainable harvesting is also considered of ethical and environmental importance and is the mark of a good company.

The use of wood is sometimes controversial but it is the best material for this job. Utility poles are no joke. Treatment of the wood has to be specialized because of the weather conditions a good pole must endure. Rain and wind with cold and hot along with some ice and about a million staples and storms means the pole would normally be prone to rot and breakage if it were not treated. Pressure treatment and some type of sealing is standard to improve density and durability.

Best utility poles are made from high quality timber with the Southern pine belt being a terrific source of trees. Selectively harvested to maintain a balance, new trees are also planted in order to maintain a balance in nature and create a sustainable future. The access to this type of timber is the unmistakable mark of a good company to supply utility poles.

Connect with suppliers to look at options and pricing. If any assistance is needed, professionals are always willing to help you make the proper buying decisions for a project. If the schematics are not fully drawn out, there are solutions for that situation too. Regardless of the scope of the project, the supplier will meet the needs of your organization for the best utility pole designs available.